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1.1 Welcome from chair

Speaker: Gareth Mee
Company: EY

2.1 Keynote presentation

Building back better: What does it mean for the Life ILS Market?

Speaker: Douglas Anderson
Company: Club Vita

2.2 Roundtable Discussion

Bouncing back bigger: What does the future hold for the Life Risk Markets?

Speakers: Doug Anderson (Club Vita), Andrew Plevin (Broadriver Asset Management), Claire Hawkings (Phoenix Group), Rohit Mathur (Prudential Financial)

3.1 Presentation one

Life Settlement Market today

Speaker: Jamie Mendelsohn
Company: Ashar Group

3.2 Presentation two

ILS as a provider of liquidity in the Life and Health industry

Speaker: Scott Mitchell
Company: Schroders

3.3 Presentation three

Epidemic and pandemic risk sharing solutions
for a sustainable and resilient financial global ecosystem

Speaker: Leigh Hall
Company: Munich Re

3.4 Q&A Session

4.1 Introduction to Pricing of Risk

Speaker: Cory Zass
Company: Actuarial Risk Management

5.1 Presentation one

COVID’s Long Term Impact to Future Mortality

Speaker: Doug Fullam
Company: AIR Worldwide

5.2 Presentation two

Life ILS structures for capital and accounting management

Speaker: Gokul Sudarsana
Company: Hudson Structured Capital Management

5.3 Presentation three

Trends in the Life Portfolio Market

Speaker: Dan Zollars
Company: Maple Life Analytics

5.4 Q&A Session

6.1 Roundtable Discussion

COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group: Understanding the impact and the consequences

Speakers: Stuart McDonald (Lloyds Banking Group), Dan Ryan (COIOS Research), Joseph Lu (Legal & General)